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Success Coach & Business Turnaround Expert

Helping you go from where you are to where you want to be

I prevent broken businesses from becoming extinct and help average companies become prolific.

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Personal/Professional Development

Sky works with marketplace leaders, like yourself, to create their own unique Marketplace Leaders Playbook which incorporates his 9-step methodology for vibrant personal and professional growth.

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Hire Sky if...

  • Poor work/life balance
  • A business or life marked by people pleasing
  • Maintaining staff or experience frequent employee turnover
  • Always selling and never listening
  • Valuing yourself over valuing others
  • Follow through
  • Setting goals and never reaching them
  • Business revenue that is stagnant and you don’t know why

Key Deliverables

  • Living your life on purpose and in balance.
  • Releasing your Inner Imposter.
  • Creating a Purpose Driven Culture.
  • Hiring Your Next Ideal Team Player.
  • Designing your perfect Business Playbook.
  • Discover how your Personality affects your Team.
  • Creating Daily Intentions that allow you to perform at your highest.
  • Create Raving Fans that will be a BILLBOARD for you and your business.
  • Installing Guardrails in your life to live your best.
  • Discover Your Sweet Spot as a Leader.
  • How to find YOUR WHY and use it in your Business Playbook.
  • How Gratitude will give you an Advantage in the Marketplace.


Sky is a proven entrepreneur and Success Coach. His business experiences have illuminated the value of Healthy Organizational Leadership. Starting in 2006, he began to devote himself to becoming a subject matter expert on this topic. From 2009-2011 he put those values to the test in turning a stagnant multi-million-dollar company into a profitable revenue machine. In 2015 he began delivering workshops and training focused on Healthy Organization Leadership

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Hire Sky if...

  • Their exists poor work/life balance amongst you and your team
  • Trust is absent and it’s costing you time and money
  • You struggle maintaining staff or experience frequent employee turnover
  • Communication and clarity are lacking
  • You find yourself setting goals and never reaching them
  • Your business revenue is stagnant and you don’t know why

Sky delivers half and full day workshops and training for small to large groups in an energizing interactive method.

A peek behind the curtain of Sky's coaching practice

“John Maxwell has stood as the world’s foremost authority on leadership for over 25 years. As a Success Coach focused on leadership for the organization as well as the individual, John’s certification and mentorship has proven to provide me with tools I otherwise would not have been able to provide to clients.”

—Sky Streety, Certified since 2012


  • Sky has a way of taking in information and discerning what the decision points are as well as what the possible risks are in a given endeavor. His ability to work on problems and bring out clarity is an amazing asset that helps reduce noise and focus on what matters.

    Simply put: clarity helps us lead well. He's a student of people, direct, authentic and always has good insights.

    Aron Vaughan, VP Software Engineering,

  • Sky has been an executive coach and operations consultant to Law Father for many years. He has helped our team implement programs related to growing revenue as well as raising brand awareness. He has been a tremendous partner in the development of our company culture and our ”team first“ focus.

    I recommend Sky as an outstanding resource for leadership development as well as for his talents in exploring and recommending meaningful solutions to significant team problems. His manner is inclusive and rewarding. People trust him. He is a true nurturer of businesses, both big and small, and we are very fortunate to have found him.

    Travis Luther, Founder/President, Luther Media & Law Father

  • I have had the pleasure of speaking with Sky on multiple occasions on a personal and professional level. He is one of the most passionate, driven individuals I have met that pours what he has into building up others and developing good leaders.

    Sky is the real deal in that he is the same at dinner table as he is at a round table. He has exceptional integrity, honesty positive energy that is refreshing to be around. If you are looking to energize, motivate and build up leaders in your business then I would suggest having Sky come in to lead that effort.

    Kent Hamilton, Lead UI/Angular Developer, AT&T

About Sky

Sky is an Austin, Texas native who attended the University of Texas at Austin. He founded his first multi-million-dollar company, Attorney Litigation Services, Inc. (ALSi), at 29 years old. During his tenure as President of ALSi, he managed large multi-party litigation cases and class action lawsuits including: Asbestos, Breast Implant, Tobacco, Fen-Phan, and the Oklahoma City Bombing Case. He also developed and pioneered early-on imaging practices for litigation support with InVzn Development Corp. InVzn Development Corp’s imaging team was the first to introduce electronic documents in the courtroom for trial management during the Exxon Valdez Case and subsequently provided electronic documentation for the O.J. Simpson Trial.

After his exit from ALSi in 2001, Sky became the President at Legal Partners where he engineered a complete overhaul of Operations, increasing Net Earnings by 55% while reducing expenses by 24%. In addition to managing multi-million-dollar budgets and Pro Forma models, he also worked extensively with the Sales and Marketing teams to expand the business into the Colorado and Washington markets.

Sky’s vast experience in starting his own companies and overseeing the development of leadership within these companies led him to the John Maxwell Group in 2012. Since then, he has worked as an executive coach and business consultant to Home Away, Time Warner, Fort Worth ISD, The Gold Law Firm & Law Father, among many others. He has a unique ability to connect the dots between people, products, resources, and business. When you combine that with the passion and energy that Sky brings to the table, it’s a recipe for success.

Outside of work, Sky loves to stay active. Whether it’s running around Town Lake, swimming at Deep Eddy Pool, or taking a break from the Texas heat to hike or ski in the Rockies, he’s always ready for the next adventure!

And he especially loves to include his beautiful wife Lynne on those adventures. Lynne works in the financial planning and services arena for Northwestern Mutual helping families create and protect wealth for the long haul.

Sky Streety